Friday, November 19, 2010

What they do...

CBC reports on what the Toronto police did to police board Susan Eng in the early 1990s.
"You know there's a law against illegal wiretapping," said Eng. "Police are supposed to uphold that law, not go out and break it when they feel like it." In the early 1990s Toronto police were under fire over several shootings of young black men. The province appointed Eng, a civilian, to bring in reforms. The officer who made the tapes, Det. Garry Carter, claimed he was acting on orders. Carter left the force in 1995, but later pleaded guilty to stealing $47,000 in connection with the missing money from the police investigative fund. He was sentenced in 2002 to a year of house arrest. A report written by Carter and leaked to CBC News in 2007 said Fantino was extremely concerned Maloney, Eng's political ally and a Toronto criminal lawyer, could pose a security risk.

Could be that if you're appointed to watch the police, the police can call that a "security risk" and begin to spy on you.


thwap said...

I read about that in this week's "Eye."

The initial reason to start monitoring phone-calls was bad,* but there was a process before they got actual wire-taps that could be argued in court.

Eng's lawyer friend Maloney had been at a bathhouse raid in the 1980s and Fantino (the dullard) decided he was a security risk.

But at first, all they could do was find out what phone numbers he was calling from his phone and some of the numbers belonged to known drug-dealers.

Afterwards, they weren't supposed to listen to people calling from numbers not associated with the wiretap warrant (including Ms. Eng's), but they did anyway.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a concerted effort is being mounted to rid our wee part of the world of this scabie, let alone let him represent human beans (of all sexes/gender), and for me personally I hope to hell it works.

I simply cannot think of Fantino ever w/o thinking of one of my dear friends who's life was ruined in that bathhouse raid in London. Even now, so many years later, my friend will never be the same. A pox on F's spon/spawn both, with venom as an added natural squirt into his beady liddle eyes.

Dana said...

Obama's America is no different either.

The great hope has turned out to be neither hopeful nor great.

His administration is overseeing the a more significant intrusion into personal liberty than either George Bush Jr or Dick Cheney could have dreamt up in their wildest alcohol induced fantasies.

The cops in Canada are only following the pattern set by various and sundry US based and Canadian copied television series of the past two decades.

And now that the Transportation Safety Authority in the US has set the pattern for brutally invasive, personally assaultive and criminal scans and body searches you can expect to find them happening here too...sooner than you think.

Obama has turned out to be a complete and incomprehensible fucking fraud. A bigger fraud than Bush - cause no thinking person had any doubts about Bush's idiocy. Obama managed to hoodwink a lot of thinking people.

I can't actually think of an election promise he's kept. The health care reform bill is all but meaningless; DADT is still in force; Guantanamo is still open; he's still got forces in Iraq and those not there are digging in for the long haul - third and fourth deployment - in A'stan;

I feel very badly for my USian progressive friends who were taken in so very badly. I was too.

I wept at his election. I weep now at the sham of this presidency.

Just another lying liar.

The Democratic Party is finished for another generation and the US of A is doomed to Republican/Tea Party annihilation.

No more so than is this sad, foolish, little country formerly known as Canada.

Harper and right in Canada is ascendant and the Liberals and goddamn Dippers are powerless and unwilling to stop them.

Say goodnight.