Monday, November 08, 2010

In case you missed it . . .

THIS PAST WEEKEND, AMIDST ALL THE POLITICAL BUMMER, the 25th Annual World Punkin Chunkin Championship was held with glee in Sussex County, Delaware. According to Wiki, there's even a European punkin chunkin association, in Belgium.

The Science Channel has a series of awesome videos (you won't believe the centrifugal catapults in action) that can give you an idea. Consider: currently, the record for the Air Rifle class is 4483.51 feet, and 2737.69 feet, for the Centrifugal class. That's chunkin', folks.

ONAGER ONLINE is a cheerfully enthusiastic site of one of the international competitors, Onager, who came in second place in the European championships. Love the team logo in the foreground: nails the spirit of the endeavour.

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