Friday, November 12, 2010

Gee... ya think?

The editorial writers at the newspamazine which likes to call itself Canada's national rag have this to say: (Emphasis mine)

But Parliament has already adopted a resolution that expressly supports the training mission beyond July, 2011. That resolution of March, 2008, called for an end only to Canada’s presence in Kandahar. It went to say that Canada, with its allies, including Afghanistan, “must set firm targets and timelines for the training, equipping and paying of the Afghan National Army, the Afghan National Police, the members of the judicial system and the members of the correctional system.” The Canadian government’s decision to stay in Afghanistan to train soldiers is entirely consistent with that resolution. For quite a while now, Mr. Harper has given the public the impression that Canada’s military would be leaving the country entirely. But there is nothing in the resolution’s letter or spirit to suggest that.
Wow. That is a strangely familiar line of dialog.
Oh right! From back in 2008, 26 months ago, when I wrote virtually the same thing and predicted exactly how Harper would mislead the public a la the Globe and Mail editorial writers' newly astute observations.

How... coincidental.

OK then. Having been involved with several meetings and having been out in the bazaars (the likes of which Harper, MacKay and the G&M are denied entry) I will have a post tomorrow which will shed even more light, present even tougher questions and make even more concrete predictions.

I may even suggest that certain editorial writers lay their dinks on the table and let me take a few swings with a ball peen hammer. (I don't do this for money. I just like to watch the elitists squirm, or scream, as the case may be.)


Rev.Paperboy said...

Yet another example of Steverino thinking he's been elected president instead of Prime Minister.

Alison said...

Harper in the House, May 17, 2006 :

"Mr. Speaker, as members of the House know, we made a pledge during the last election campaign to put international treaties and military engagements to a vote in this chamber.

Despite the fact that members of three of four parties in the House have consistently voiced support for a mission in Afghanistan, Canadians on the ground in Kabul, Kandahar and in the PRT have never received a clear mandate from this Parliament. That is not fair to the brave men and women who wear the maple leaf. They need to know that their Parliament is behind them…...

... this government is seeking Parliament's clear support to renew Canada's mission in Afghanistan."

Via, oddly enough, Norman Spector

LK said...

You rock. And keep the beat for us. Conservative Party of Canada...No truth - no justice - no mercy - no wisdom; that's what our brothers and sisters die for? To be delivered a message from the 'Executive' - via Dimitri Soudas??? that, in effect, we will be training an historically war-torn, warrior-based country, regarding how to make war? I heard McKay say we would even "be providing equipment." Great. Somewhere, Reagan and Thatcher are smiling. MIC. Blackwater rules. Meanwhile, for a touch of reality, a certain Scott Taylor spoke, on CBC last evening, of the desperate need in Afghanistan for carpenters, plumbers and people who can teach THAT. But back in Harperland, who needs that with the almighty F-35s? What the FUCK happened to the people of this county? I'm with Hunter and Clint - Get off my lawn. Right-wing it even legal to weld hand-cuff's to the back of your truck (my town)? Talk about a hard right. It's everywhere.