Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bob Rae... Statesman Lite

Always the ambitious serial failure, l'il Bobby Rae intends to keep his unvarnished losing streak going by climbing right up on that horse called duplicity. And who's piloting that mighty, hobbled steed, why none other than Steve Harper. The Liberal Party of Canada is wasting no time in assuring voters that they are just about as good and pretty much the same as the crooked bastards presently in charge. So he and the waffle bellied whores led by the man nobody loves or trusts are going to line up behind Harper and abandon our troops to the grinding failure of Afghanistan. The bottom line is that the mission hasn't screwed up quite enough yet. So after a decade of no particular achievement what's another couple years beyond the promised withdrawal date?

Somehow this spoiled twit has arrived at the notion that he has the makings of a statesman. So he's using the time his constituents pay for to hawk his latest book (look it up, I ain't plugging it for him). Toronto-Centre... I'd be asking for your money back. And golly gosh if his musings haven't come down to the determination that it is somehow our role to impose western democratic systems on the very foreign parts of the world with long histories and traditions that do not echo our own. Imagine if you will, Bob Rae Canada's advocate for colonialism.

In an interview with CTV he burbles a lot of undercooked tripe,

"We have to accept the fact that for us to be consistent advocates of democracy and human rights, sometimes leads to conflict," Rae said. "There are countries that will say they don't like it when you say that, and attack you personally for saying that. It can't be a reason for backing off."

Shame Rae isn't so adamant about human rights at home. As every good colonialist knows, those pissant foreign countries just don't know that they want our systems and standards. Sure, they say no, but Rae knows they really want it. The thing that appears to be lost on Bob Rae is that he no longer lives in a nation that can lay claim to the mythical moral highground. And he does not represent a political party that has any business preaching, as they are complicit in the torture of Canadians and foreign nationals, they are complicit in crimes against humanity, breaches of the Geneva conventions and our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Where in hell was Bob Fuckin' Rae's voice when Canadian citizens were subject to mass arrests in the streets, with police abuse in scenes worthy of Iran? The crux of his response... The police have a difficult job to do. Gosh. Don't they just and isn't it just awful about those cars and windows and stuff... care for a waffle?

It is simply ridiculous that Bob Rae can climb up on his hobby horse and pretend that he is in any way capable or qualified to tell anyone else how to order their lives. He hasn't got a sufficiently mature set of genitalia to pump enough hormonal courage into his system to take a fucking stand when his constituents are being beaten down by rioting police thugs.

"The world cannot afford to have little hidden corners that are festering with violence and conflict that go unmonitored or unassessed." says Rae

Little hidden corners like downtown Toronto, largest of Canada's cities. How about using the wannabe statesman's playset to seek justice here where we actually do have a democratic tradition. How about putting one of those expensively shod feet down and demanding the long awaited Afghanistan documents before lining up to sign our troops lives away for yet more years in a thankless job where they really are not welcome. How about that Bob? How about you wrap your pasty little noggin around doing a credible job here before you start designing your foreign affairs portfolio. And let's face it Bob, with creeps like you and Ignatieff and shysters like Dryden crawling about the Liberal caucus, you'll likely never be able to con this nation into a mandate. After all Bob, you smarmy hypocrite, it really doesn't smell right when you decide to instruct the world on democracy when you haven't the courage to make the one here work effectively.


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