Thursday, January 26, 2012

Advice for the Liberals . . .

GOOD ADVICE from CalgaryGrit: "Advice from South of the Border". How the Liberals can learn from Obama — if only the back-room wizards would pay attention. I sure hope that the party chimps that clustered around Ken Dryden and the rest of the Liberal insiders have been sacked. In talking to them, I was impressed with their arrogant obliviousness, but that's another story.

Check out CalgaryGrit's post, which outlines what the Liberal party has to do to off Stevie. More important, it outlines what YOU have to do to off Stevie. Capice? It all starts with you. Indifference and laziness are Stevie's best allies.


the regina mom said...

Good advice over there for any community organizing, really. And I have been wondering why there are Liberals speaking up everywhere I go online and off. I guess they're inspired to actually be involved in community life again!

But the first commenter at the Grit's doesn't get it! Says that we don't have a GW Bush. Oh, those tightie-righties!

Anonymous said...

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