Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wente suggests you read the psuedo-science of a racist

The woman really needs to hire a research assistant who can click on and read the results of any one of these links.

Unlike Wente's fawning over Charles Murray's latest piece of fiction based on fantasy, others have already relegated it to the irrelevant bin. Good party game; no place in the library.




Oh yeah. The concept promoted by Murray in The Bell Curve, that race and inferior intelligence are linked, is racism, pure and simple.


RossK said...

Actually, based on the evidence and observation (real, not 'fictitious'), my hypothesis is that someone, either her employer or herself, has already hired Ms. Wente a research assistant whose actual job is to make sure that she, Ms Wente, never actually reads the results linked to.

How else to explain the solipsistic codswallop in her latest?


Holly Stick said...

And in off-topic real science news: remember the ship that was being rented out to oil companies?:

Earlier reports: