Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh! look what that twit Oliver has done

We've got an Alberta prime minister trying to bully British Columbians.
Haida First Nation
Executive Director
Coastal First Nations
10 January 2012

I have no doubt that the hillbillies in the Harper government, (and particularly a feces flinging moron like Oliver), cannot even begin to understand the nuance of what's just happened.


Boris said...

This is going to be interesting!

Beijing York said...

"Environmental hearings into the proposal, which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has characterized as imperative to the Canadian economy, are expected to last for 18 months."

The Feds are supposed to be impartial arbitrators during the Joint Review Process. Their behaviour is as always just shy of illegal.

As I mentioned before, these First Nations are exercising their Section 35 rights and if the proponent can't reach an agreement, then the environmental review should rule negatively.

Carmichael said...

Next up - infected blankets and quarantine zones.

Fucking unbelievable how far Canada has sunk.

Holly Stick said...

I heard that quote on the CBC radio news a short while ago and boy, Harper should have realized by now that he had better backtrack fast.

I feel a teeny bit sorry for Oliver because I assume he is mouthing the words Harper feeds him. But not too sorry, since it reminds me of Clement on the long form census.