Saturday, January 07, 2012

Alternatives . . .

The Canada Party: The sanity alternative.


Holly Stick said...

Most appropriate for the anniversary of the War of 1812. Instead of burning down the White House, let us Occupy it!

Moon Rattled said...

Considering that most Canadians didn't vote in the last election and the result is we now have a GOP-equivalent wingnut federal government, Canadians really can't lord it over America right now. We should all be deeply ashamed that our beautiful country has been overtaken by Christian right wing zealots who value prisons, military jets that don't work, gazebos for votes, and gutting social security programs. Canada has elected a GOP government. We got nothin'.

Carmichael said...

Hear, hear Moon.

Once upon a time there may have been a justification for us to gloat a bit but that is long gone.

But, in true Canadian tradition, most of us will continue to gloat for another quarter of a century or so.

Just as we did for a quarter of a century after our peace keeping reputation had been terminated.

It bears repeating that we are a largely inattentive people with poor critical thinking skills and that we're ripe for the picking for a slick authoritarian regime.

meadowlark said...

Harper is no Christian. He is a Reformer, and founded the Northern Foundation party. This was in 1989. Harper has a very shady political past. Do people not see, he is a dead ringer for a fascist and a dictator?

Harper know eventually Canadians will stand against him. That's why he needs his Stalag's, just as Hitler did

The very first thing all dictators do, is muzzle the media. I'm pretty sure everyone is disgusted with the media. They are a disgrace to their professions. Then dictators grab control of everything, they can get their dirty hands on. Sound familiar?