Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stevie's Oil Ugliness . . .

SLATE ASKS: Saudi Arabia. Nigeria. Venezuela. Canada? Is our neighbor to the north becoming a jingoistic petro-state?

Take, for instance, the country that provides by far the largest share of our petroleum imports. Its regime, in thrall to big oil interests, has grown increasingly bellicose, labeling environmental activists “radicals” and “terrorists” and is considering a crackdown on nonprofits that oppose its policies. It blames political dissent on the influence of “foreigners,” while steamrolling domestic opposition to oil projects bankrolled entirely by overseas investors. Meanwhile, its skyrocketing oil exports have sent the value of its currency soaring, enriching energy industry barons but crippling other sectors of its economy.

Yes, Canada is becoming a jingoistic petro-state.

Oh, to see ourselves as others see us. And with the Head Jingo, Stevie, at the helm, well, the next 3 years are going to pass very slowly, but eventually, de-nazification will commence. Save the papers, videos, e-mails, all the evidence for Stevie's day in court.


The Mound of Sound said...

Oh we became a Petro-State years ago. All parties embrace the notion of Canada as an energy superpower even if they toss in a little token opposition now and then. Our parliament stands broken on the wheel of Athabasca bitumen. Jeebus knows the NDP won't stand up for Canada and demand the Tar Sands be shut down.

Unknown said...

yeah, as Stevie said 'Canada's back' -- my what a great job he has done 'restoring' our international reputation.

meadowlark said...

In Durban at the meetings of the Nations, on climate change. Harper wasn't exactly a hit. There is a strong indication, the other country's were taking climate change, very seriously. Meanwhile, Harper was bullying the other country's, to accept the dirty tar oil.

Harper pulled Canada out of the Kyoto Accord, he got another black mark. He made a fool of himself and Canada in Copenhagen. Harper has embarrassed the Canadian people, on many occasions.

Gordon Campbell has the dirtiest, most corrupt and foul political record, in the history of Canada. We were in disbelief, Harper appointed him to England, as High Commissioner. His priority is, to con as many European country's as he can, to take the dirty tar oil. Mind you, Campbell betrayed BC, by going to work for Harper. They worked frantically, to set up the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil takers from China, to come into BC...Before Campbell got the boot.

The F.N. People, are being solidly supported by, well over 80% of the BC people, to stop those atrocities, coming into our beautiful province. One community was 100% against, the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers.

Anonymous said...

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