Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delights . . .

WHILE DAVE, BORIS & REV regale us with an outrageous string of things to get outraged over, I ran across this small delight, worth 1:27 of your time. It's a video, as you see, with the title: "Aston Martin Loves Women. Women love Aston Martin." Chris Shunk, at AUTOBLOG, points out that it's not what you think:

The spot illustrates that women don't need a mini skirt to be featured in an exotic luxury car commercial, and that you don't have to be a guy to appreciate automotive beauty.

Plus a charming piano, too. Astons are so delightful, so Savile Row bespoke, with a certain something that even Mercedes' greatest AMG sports sleds just cannot possess. Check out the video, then get back to the eternal war in Fubar Province.

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Helmut said...

I hope its owners have deep enough pockets to keep this beauty economically viable.