Monday, January 02, 2012

And you thought I was "Over the top"

Well, you know what part of my anatomy you can kiss. Try not to get shit on your lips.

Read it again.


chris said...

Over the top? Hardly.

The trouble is that Hitler fires up all kinds of lunacy. Fortunately there is another much newer H word that might get people thinking. Hungary.

Paul Krugman (Not on the blogroll?!!) has been running a series of guest posts on Hungary's New Government. Here is the latest.

There are a couple more but I don't have time at the moment.

I imagine PMSH and his minions are watching this with great interest. And glee. YMMV

Happy New Year, all.

Unknown said...

Almost afraid to ask what prompted you to harken back to the earlier righteous screed. Did I miss something on the news again? Have we annexed the Sudetenland or something?

meadowlark said...

Canadians who don't think Harper is dangerous for Canada, need to rethink that.

Harper is a Reformer and founded the Northern Foundation Party. This was in 1989.

Read, Harper gives a speech in New York, at The Council of Foreign Relations. This was in Sept. 25/2007. Harper made his evil agenda, abundantly clear.

Scotian said...

Hey, I agreed with you then and still do, I spent over a decade warning of what Harper truly was and how uniquely dangerous he was to our political culture especially on the process side. The process side may not be as sexy as ideology for many, but it is the fundamental cornerstone of how our system actually works, which is why paying attention to it should matter to anyone that claims to care about politics regardless of their political stripe, and the lack of such really upset me. I said a year ago good post, and so far Harper's actions as a majority PM have shown that both you and I were right on the money in our concerns, and given how we were supposedly over the top in having them it is bitter indeed to be proven correct in the end.

It can't happen here, the very phrase seems to be a prerequisite for whatever it is talking about actually happening somewhere. Harper is dangerous, and by the end of this majority government people will be horrified at what our country has become, but by them it will be too late, because most of what he is doing once done will be all but impossible to undo, which was why he should never have been allowed near the PMO in the first place. Compared to this, Martin, Dion, even Ignatief was far Far FAR less corrosive to our democratic structures of government, but noooooo, it was more important to spend the last 6 years destroying the Liberals by both the right AND LEFT than it was in stopping the most dangerous federal leader in our history from attaining the PMO especially as a majority PM.

Fah. I blame Layton and the Dipper left as much as I blame anyone for this result, they literally won a battle to lose the war for all of us that actually believed in this nation as a progressive law abiding society/government. Yes, I know I sound bitter, that's because I *AM* bitter, watching what decades of my family helped create on both the Conservative and Liberal sides be trashed this way makes it hard not to be. They were so focused on beating the Libs for seats that they let the greatest threat to the core programs that defined a progressive Canada gain majority control. I said all along, stop Harper first THEN take out the Libs, but make sure that the alternative is not something as dangerous as Harper first, but noooo, couldn't have that. Liberal Tory same old story don't ya know according to the Dippers, which while true with the PCPC's bore no resemblance to reality with the Harper CPC, and the fact they couldn't wrap their heads around it and instead cared more about defeatintg the Libs in the last two elections than the actual CPC Harper government said it all I'd say.

Sorry Dave, I know I am a broken record about all this, it is why I basically quit the political blogging scene after the last election, I'm tired of repeating myself, and I already know what to expect from Harper and watching it in close detail is simply too painful to take for me. I had to agree with you here though as I did in the original post, because with Harper we have something alien and truly horrific to our way of life now calling the shots.