Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spokesthingie Marshall Spincycle Friday the 13th

Wow, what is it with spokesthingies called Marshall saying misleading things today?

First we have BC Ferries' Deborah Marshall trotting out a line about a smoking clutch when in fact we learn it was an apparently serious crankcase problem that disabled the Queen of Oak Bay.

Second, we've got Ethical Oil's Kathryn Marshall, well, watch for yourself:


Paul Stewart said...

from the ethical oil website "We do accept donations from individuals and companies, including those working to produce ethical oil." I think that answers the question.

West End Bob said...

It appears ethical oil can not find credible, responsible "spokesthingies."

This foxNoise anchor-like marshall-person is even worse than the former "spokesthingie" who got reamed by Daryl Hannah back in August. (Wait a couple of seconds for the video to load.)

One can only hope she continues to hold the position, as she can do nothing but discredit their questionably-funded organization.

On another note: Evan Solomon is gaining new-found respect with his persistence on this one.

Who woulda thunk it ? ? ? ?

RossK said...

Is this a trend?

That all Spokesthingies with stenography to elicit from the proMedia to get the wurlitzer cranking must be named Marshall?


Maybe they should all just hire Laverne.

(and thanks for the link Bob, most excellent)


West End Bob said...

After reading your post this morning, I figured you and Boris had collaborated on the "spokesthingie" thing, RossK! ;-)

You're quite welcome for the Daryl Hannah link, BTW. A classic.

I'd like to see her and the current ms. marshall in a one-on-one . . . .

Boris said...

RossK, maybe "Marshall" tested well in spokesthingie name focus groups...

Steve said...

It makes me puke that repeating the same talking point over and over works, how can we fight this?
Readers of this blog can see righ through it, but even the Huffpost has Kathy the planet killer talking point master in prime real estate.