Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keep those "radicals" out of Canada

Rick Mercer gives a great rant here.

And a video to remind you that in the eyes of Harper, you are under attack.


Rev.Paperboy said...

And honestly, I don’t know if the pipeline is a good idea or a bad idea. But the good news is I no longer have to look at both sides. None of us do. No, because dad has made it perfectly clear, there’s only one side to this issue. And anyone who thinks otherwise is an enemy to Canada. I’ve got to say this is way better than the old days when we had the burden of being informed citizens on our shoulders.

No, now we have a new job: to be seen and not heard. Welcome to Canada 2012. His house, his rules. God save the King.


Anonymous said...

Thanks environmentalists for threatening good union jobs here.

Dave said...

Because pipeline companies create lots of union jobs?

Read this:

meadowlark said...

There is a company in Vancouver, who is going to work with Vanadium. This is used to strengthen steel. This material has excellent renewable energy storage.

China has a lot of vanadium. They intend to use this for themselves, their air is getting too poisonous. Other country's are complaining of China's pollution drifting into their country's. Perhaps that's why Harper is in such a panic, to sell the tar oil, before this Vanadium is put into use.

The Enbridge pipeline nor the tar tankers from China, bring any jobs for BC. Enbridge has their own pipe layers, the tankers, a crew of 15 to man the pumping station. Harper and Gordon nCampbell worked as fast as they could, to dismantle BC. Campbell thieved and sold BC's assets. He thieved and sold our rivers, causing an eco disaster to our wild salmon.

This province is in financial ruin. All their is left is the beauty and our beautiful Orca and Humpback Whales, and hundreds of species of marine life. Our Orca Whale numbers have finally, started to recover.

The last Rain Forest is also along that channel. There lives the Spirit Bears, the unique small wolves, big game, song birds and hundreds of wildlife creatures.

The Enbridge pipeline have had far too many pipeline spills, we won't let them in our province. We certainly will not permit the dirty oil tankers either.

The Enbridge pipeline has 100% against them, at every meeting. The BC people are fully supporting the F.N. to stop those atrocities on their lands and ours.

Anonymous said...

No, because lots of union jobs here are dependent on a vibrant energy sector.

Graydon said...

Current energy sector jobs are net economic losses due to the whole global warming thing.

All the money that's gone into oil wars, pipeline infrastructure, or even just the tar sands, would go a long way to making things better, rather than worse, if it were spent on non-fossil-carbon energy infrastructure.

Dave said...

vibrant energy sector

By which you mean bitumen condensation and extraction.


Boris said...

Also WWU, there's the distinct possibility of Enbridge playing silly-buggers with the input-output model they used to come up with their job numbers. Marc Lee at the PEF (reposted at Rabble) is attempting to unpack it:

I've said before you can't trust the employment figures without looking at the fine print.

Your "good union jobs" also depends in which union you happen to hold membership. The United Fishermen and Allied Workers' Union aren't keen.

Anonymous said...

"vibrant energy sector", "bitumen condensation and extraction" I suppose you can call it according to whatever your ideological shade may be. At the end of the day a job is a job to me. I'm not sure why people automatically assume my job is directly related to extraction. I have nothing to do with digging the stuff out of the ground. Most employment here comes from all the different contractors involved.

Seems that employment and the need for it is sacred and a favorite talking point among the Left but people feel free to slam your job if it has anything to do with the oil sands. Any interference with the oil sands has effect on my job security so I will vigorously defend it.

Boris....I don't get my job figures from Enbridge. My union has been fantastic....and this coming from one who has usually voted Tory in the past.

Dave said...

WWU: I don't think anyone suggested that you were directly involved in the extraction of asphalt.

So, how much employment has been lost in the manufacturing sector as a result of the shift of Canada's focus on petro-extraction and the loss of competitive advantage due to an increased dollar?

How many good Canadian jobs do you think will be created as a result of expanding a single tanker loading facility on the BC coast? (Not one of those incoming tankers will be Canadian). The net gain will not be employment of otherwise unemployed Canadian workers.

The decision as to whether to risk fouling the coast of BC isn't up to you, (on the other side of the BC border), or anyone who doesn't live in the area. It rests, in other words, with those who will determine what their children and grandchildren will acquire as a legacy. If that isn't factored into your thinking, I would suggest you are singing into a gale.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I know you will disagree with me on this and fair enough but my livelihood and that of my union brothers rely on a healthy energy sector here. I know there will be people against the pipeline no matter what and fair enough. I totally respect their views. At the end of the day I have to look out for what's mine.