Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Petro-addled banana monarchy

The vile Harper is planning a mission to China to sell oil. Used to be that Canadian conversations with China at least had to think about mentioning human rights issues. Reuters points out that Harper has dropped the charade and human rights concerns are not even being paid the lip service they once were.

In light of Oliver Oil's recent comments on the Northern Gateway JRP process, I'll go one step further and suggest that the Harper-cons think the Chinese government has the right idea when it comes to rights.

These recent events are instructive in that they reveal a little more of the Harper's plan for mutilating Canada. We're set to become a weird northern version of a petroleum-addled authoritarian banana republic monarchy. You know, like pretty much every other petro-state on the planet.

International trade policy is going to centre on selling tar sands oil. Domestic policy is going to focus on crushing any resistance to it and the rest of the suite of far-right reactionary crap the ReformaTories want to impose on the nation. We've already got the military glorification and the princeling ministers with their Quadaffi-esque sense of entitlement.

To hell with these people.

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