Thursday, January 05, 2012

Conservative poster boy

Mike Adams is, beyond doubt, one nasty piece of work.

In his latest Conservative outing he tells the tale of one Allison, a depressed white girl who, despite her wisdom and energy found herself in the clutches of a black lad. Her life ruined and her virginity gone forever she realizes the folly of her liberal ways and becomes a Conservative talking head whore.

Cool story for the Blogging wankers ... and total bullshit.

Mike Adams, who positions himself as a 'thinking" Conservative ends his tale thus:
The story may be a simple one but that is okay. Liberalism is a simple way of viewing the world. It lacks the complexity and even the nuance of conservative thought. Although simple, this story is not actually true. It is an Ally-gory meant to show the depth of the divide between conservatives and liberals in America today. It is a divide so deep that it simply cannot be negotiated away. Barry can only get what he wants by forcing himself upon us all. Right-thinking people judge him according to his merits and not according to his race.

Only if you didn't write the preceding page and a half.

And he did. 

Lee Atwater would call him an amateur.


Anonymous said...

"It lacks the complexity and even the nuance of conservative thought."

I read what he wrote, if that is nuanced and complex, then Canadian kindergartens are full of complex and nuanced individuals.

The right in the US is not an adult organisation taking this as an example of Conservative thinking there.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I can't imagine why Mike Adams would need to sue his university to try to get them to make him a full professor. I can't see any reason they wouldn't want this guy associated with their institution.