Friday, January 27, 2012

Just wondering...

Does it always take a lethal mill fire before the minister will leap into action to help displaced mill-workers?

I only ask because between 2000 and 2010 the Canadian forest industry lost 144 900 direct jobs, hitting fully two-thirds of the forest-dependent communities in the country. I wonder where the leaping ministers were then?

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meadowlark said...

Campbell sent some BC mills to China, along with our raw logs. Even Faddon of the CSIS, warned Canadians about this. We were being given away to China. There were two provinces named, one of those provinces, was BC. Do you remember Campbell's hissy fit, he got caught with his pants down.

China is sending their people to school, to learn English, they will work the BC coal mines.

They expanded the harbor in Prince Rupert, to enable the large Chinese freighters to unload their goods. The CNR carry's the Chinese junk, to an expanded CN yard for storage. The goods are sent out from that storage terminal, to wherever.

If any of the seven mines, going into Northern BC are Chinese owned, they will bring their own miners.

China owns a huge chunk of the dirty tar sands. So, Harper is going to force the Enbridge pipeline, with 804 pipe spills, strung into BC. There are earthquakes, mudslides, avalanches, rock slides and swift running river floods, that carry away houses and highways. BC has a vast wilderness. It can take days to find the spill, and how in the hell do they get through 15 feet of snow, to get to the spill?

The seas of Port Kitimat, are one of the most treacherous seas in the world. Every other day, there are hurricane force wind warnings. There are 40 to 50 foot waves. The channel narrow, the tankers massive that have to make hairpin turns. The channel is difficult enough to navigate in good weather, in storms, forget it.

Recently, Kinder Morgan have had a spill. Enbridge has a leak into the Gulf, they had a 1,500 barrel spill at Wrigley N.W.T. During the fires at Slave Lake. Enbridge didn't even bother, to clean up their disaster, into the Kalamazoo River.

Recently, there have been seven ships run aground and breaking up, a bad spill off New Zea Land. A spill in Nigeria, and a rig explosion.

Harper, Enbridge, Alberta and China, are all brain dead, or insane.

Over 80% of the BC citizens are supporting the F.N....To keep these atrocities, out of our beautiful province.