Sunday, January 08, 2012

There's nothing "ethical" about it

Since when did oil companies give a red rat's ass about the "ethical" behaviour of the governments of lands from which they sucked oil out of the ground?

The truth is, oil companies are some of the least ethical corporations on the planet. Being harboured in Canada doesn't increase their ethical behaviour. It simply masks what they are and have been all along.

Now go read Norm, then go read Ian.

Update: Go Alison!! And check out Holly Stick's links in the comments.

Interesting ... Some people, depending on where they are, cannot access Ian Reid's blog. No one knows why. So ... Norm has reprinted it.


Holly Stick said...

Very true. See also Deep Climate's two posts on who is behind them, with lots and lots of links, and another post promised soon:

karen said...

Thanks so much for all the links. Enbridge and Ethical Oil have begun placing full page ads in the local paper and it is great to have some good factual refutation.

Carmichael said...

One of the interesting aspects of all these denialist organizations is that they're all staffed and promoted and what have you by people who are going to be coming into their upper middle years right about the time the shit gets really thick.

One can only hope that at some point they realize their part in all of it.

Holly Stick said...

Alison has more, about foreign interests in the oil sands: