Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When O'Reilly is the sane one...

I still think Bill O'Reilly is one of the most ignorant people in the world, but this summary of a 17 March edition of the O'Reilly Factor provided by Liberal Catnip is one which might leave you a little slack-jawed.

O'Reilly was interviewing R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. At issue were comments made by ultra-right-wingnuts Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham where they had described Islam as demonic and satanic. O'Reilly put the question to Mohler who also described Islam as satanic.

In an unbelievable flip, O'Reilly actually challenged Mohler directly and questioned the sanity of Roberston's and Graham's comments.

My only real concern is that O'Reilly's head will explode and will leave Keith Olbermann seeking a new favourite target.

Anyway, check out Liberal Catnip for the whole thing.

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