Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Kids At Powertools Are At It Again

One of the morons over at InstaPajamaLine is whining that the fixed media isn't reporting the fact that fewer U.S. troops are being killed now than in previous months. He then goes on to project the exceptionally good news...

based on data through March 25, the count should be about one-third of what it was in October.
What a morbid little sonofabitch. He's treating combat deaths as though they are quarterly sales reports and suggests that, by his reasoning, 7 more serving members of the US armed forces are going to die before the end of the month. Odds on a lottery nobody wants to win.

This is "good news"(tm) over at chicken-hawk central.

Well, how about this then. Using statistics, period 4 (which included last October), was 318 days long and records 715 U.S. serving men and women slaughtered. Period 5 has only been counted for 100 days and 170 U.S. serving men and women have been returned to Dover AFB in a box. If we extend period 5 to the same length as period 4 that will bring the total number of U.S. serving men and women who had their lives cut short to 541. That means 371 more people are going to get blown-up, shot between the kevlar, or bleed to death after having their legs radically amputated by a landmine. What great news!

The Bushco cheerleader and good news (tm) merchant fails to mention that every one of those service members leaves behind a shattered family, an empty chair and perhaps a picture to remind the recipient of the SGLI insurance who it was paid the 65 cents per $1000 of coverage.

Of course, once they're killed and become nothing more than a statistic to the yellow elephants, there's little need to stand on ceremony. After all they're just another number... and freight.

Maybe, if we could pry our heroic member of the 101st Keyboarders out of his comfy basement chair, we could give him a quick shot of basic training, stuff his pinhead into a hunk of kevlar and make him one of his, oh so good, statistics.

The loss of one chicken-hawk, when taken against the current number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq, constitutes .04 percent of the total. Great news! Statistically meaningless and materially insignificant. Just another blown-up carcass in a body-bag.

So much for right-wingers supporting the troops.

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