Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Washington Post Hires Their Very Own Racist, Creationist, Wing-Nut

What in the name of Jeebus is Jim Brady thinking?! The Washington Post has hired a Ben Domanech, an arrogant 24 year old with no writing experience and no real bio beyond the fact that he's the co-founder of, a right-wing blog, to run the WaPo's new blog, Red America . The new blog is supposed to provide "balance" by providing the right-wing view. That would be fine if the Washington Post wasn't already bent that way and they actually had a liberal blog.

So who is this guy? Well, Jane at Firedoglake gives us a rundown and it's juicy. It turns out Domanech is a far-right racist, home-schooled creationist and Republican Party operative.

From PZ Meyers quoting Domanech:

Simply because Saletan disagrees with ID theory does not mean that the theory fails to meet the threshold required to be mentioned in a public school course. If that were true, half of what we teach in high school social studies class would be out. If public school curricula were determined by majority opinion, Saletan would be red in the face: only 10% of Americans agree with Saletan's view of evolution.
From Atrios is this.

From YLH quoting Domanech:

The President visits the funeral of a Communist. And phones in a message to the March for Life. I think we can get a little pissed about this.
It was Coretta Scott King's funeral, the late widow of Dr. Martin Luther King. The one with the day named after him.

I found this at

The "life" exemption would fit your circumstance. Examples include "cases where carrying an unborn child to term would result in a serious risk of death to the mother," etc.
I understand that this is difficult situation for you, but I assure you that a situation where, as you say - "medically she would probably not survive delivering a baby to term" - and a doctor would attest to that, then she should and would meet the exemption.
Unfortunately, physical health allows for waaay too many exemptions, and nearly every abortion would still be allowed. The mere status of pregnancy is a risk to the physical health.
Ahhh! Add anti-abortionist to the little prick's list of wing-nut qualifications.

And there's a little more from YLH:

Here's an interesting tidbit about Ben Domenech. Turns out Ben isn't the only Bush appointee in the family. His dad, Doug Domenech, former Loudon County Republican Committee Chairman, was appointed in January, 2002, as the White House Liaison for the Department of the Interior.
Ah yes. So THAT's how you get a job with a major media outlet. Y'know... the unbiased, fair and balanced, just reports the fact, kind.

I will add one of Jane's priceless conclusions. I just wish I had the time and the skill to do it her way.

Fly, little wingnut, fly.

I hear Media Matters is hiring their own SWAT team just for Bughouse Ben. You’ve given us what we’ve always wanted, a garden gnome to exemplify every single complaint we’ve leveled against the Post for years now. His seamless absorption into your site will underscore the fact that the Post, as conservative establishment media, is totally in the tank for the GOP. Week in, week out. The jokes will verily write themselves.
I conclude with this thought. I checked my budget and noticed I had enough to buy a subscription to another US newspaper. I wanted something I could rely on for good information, not slanted by political interference or staffed by party hacks. Geez... sorry Brady, the Washington Post doesn't cut it. I'm going with the Mendicino Beacon; fair, balanced and accurate.

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