Monday, March 20, 2006

Dress-Up Jesus... the game

One thing about being diagonally parked in a parallel universe is that you can always find the sites that are double-parked. Beep Beep! It's Me! has turned up this absolutely fantastic bit of fun that only she could find.

The creator of the site has also produced Dress-Up Jesus fridge magnets and has caused a bit of a stir.

Jesus Dress-Up is a magnetic crucifix with a variety of clothes and accessories.

Many people are outraged by the product, but Smith says he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.
“I don't think there's anything wrong with religious satire,” said Smith. “People have got to learn to laugh at themselves, it's part of human nature.”

Smith, who claims to be an atheist, says he's making money the same way Mel Gibson is with the "The Passion of the Christ."
It's actually a lot cleaner than Gibson's movie.

"I did a double take. It just seemed unbelievable to see something like that," said Gerry, a viewer who didn't want NBC 10 to use his last name.

From a distance, the item looks like a kid's dress-up game. But when you look closely, it is a magnetic Jesus dress-up figure.

"I basically stood there speechless," Gerry said.
Jeebus in a dogcatcher outfit will do that to you.

He said he was shocked by the magnetic game showing Jesus on the cross, clad in underwear with interchangeable outfits like a devil costume, a skull T-shirt and a hula skirt.
Good point. What the hell ever happenned to the good-old days when everyone wore the same thing to be crucified? A loincloth.

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