Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things you should read... really

Today was one of those, "I wish some people would think" days. Aside from having a trainee setting off a Search and Rescue Transponder, it was pretty normal. When the Cormorant search and rescue helicopter showed up overhead, I realized something wasn't quite normal.

Anyway, exhaustion has set in. However, I had a look around the roll and there are some blogs you just have to look at.

The Wingnuterer has a piece of hilarious work up that you simply should not miss. (And it's not because he linked here either).

Cathie From Canada has a Great Line Of The Day that says it all. It's one of those, "I wish I'd thought of that" kind of quotes.

Beep! Beep! It's Me! has a piece on wizard hats. What these guys wore will make Gandalf look like he was shopping at the second hand store for his headgear.

On the more serious and thoughtful side, Laura has a powerful argument in favour of retaining the single-payer health care system in Canada and the danger faced if it starts to disintegrate.

Alison takes an appropriate and timely chunk out of Harper and his penchant for feeding Canadians Bushco rhetoric with regards to Afghanistan. I have one suggestion for Stephen Harper after reading Alison's post: Go get an Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship (1794) (Royal Navy) and look up Cut and Run. Then, Mr. Harper, explain how that line denotes anything except getting close in and mixing it up. What I would really like to say is, just shut up, Stevie, but Skippy already did that quite nicely.

Sleep come quickly, that damned sun is rushing from the east.

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