Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A quick round-up while I kill the phone

It's been one of those days that remind me of the time I hopped into the old Chevy Vega, slapped in an 8-track cartridge and sputtered home to see if I could write enough of a program in Commodore BASIC to make a turtle move across my TV screen.

Between ships and cars, today has been one continuous interruption. I would love to shorten my answers to people. Just fix the freakin' car and, yes, the ship needs that new piece of equipment because it's a regulation. How these turn into 10 minute conversations is a mystery to me.

Anyway, just thought I would point you in a few directions for now. I wanted to post on these, but hey, these blogs have already put great stuff up.

Canadian Cynic gets right to the point on Harper's secrecy program. Yes, it's a program. And go into comments for Katrina's take on it.

AmericaBlog has the link to Jack Abramoff's sentencing. 5 years 10 months in the can... and they're not done with him yet.

Creature over at The Reaction wants to know what Bush is afraid of, and T(L)GND provides at least one of the answers.

The Happy Feminist isn't happy about a report involving five Duke University lacrosse team members and their criminal behaviour at a stag party. Read this.

And Pandagon is back up!! (That was a long log out. Glad to see Amanda, Pam and Jedmunds back in action.)

Back to posting tonight... I hope.

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