Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Silence Of The Treacherous

Kamloops This Week, a thrice weekly broadsheet in that interior BC city, sent an email to 38 Conservative MPs who had supported Peter Stouffer's Bill C-251, which would have required MPs who crossed the floor to step down and run in a byelection. The paper asked:

Based on your Yea-vote on Peter Stouffer's Bill C-251 last November, will you encourage Stephen Harper to ask David Emerson to step down and run in a byelection? (KTW 5 March 2006)
The answer: Silence. After two weeks not a single reply. The Conservatives have gone to the bunker because the incoming is just too tough.

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Conservative MP, Betty Hinton tried to compare Emerson's treachery with the 1904 defection of Winston Churchill, who crossed from the Conservative back benches to the Liberal back benches and then returned to the Conservatives 20 years later.

She actually compared Emerson to Churchill. Is that coming out of her head or is there a PMO talking point which covers it?

Further, the arrogant MP from Kamloops tells us of the Emerson scandal,

It's not worth commenting on. It's over with. Let's move forward. (KTW 5 March 2006)
Let me think about that for a minute....


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