Thursday, March 02, 2006

Finally!! Someone invents something useful.

I am something of an animal lover. I particularly like dogs. Basset hounds, corgies and cairn terriers all have their own traits which I find engaging and thoroughly fascinating. There is, however, one trait which can be difficult to accept, regardless of the size, type, model and ear length: they all poop. I know some dog owners are mortified when their pets, sniffing wildly for the spot, select a neighbour's well-manicured lawn or a grassy patch at the bottom of the slide in a kids' park on which to leave the canine message: "I really like your place. I thought I'd leave you a small monument to remind you of my visit."

Most dog owners are responsible enough to carry a plastic bag and remove the "message". Unfortunately, that leaves dog owners toting around a plastic bag full of gag-inducing stuff. Waste management for pets has always been a human headache.

Well, no longer. A new product has hit the market and it looks like it may solve the problem.

I'm still a little bit confused. I can't to figure out how to strap it to the dog.

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