Sunday, March 12, 2006

The incomparable Mrs. Mills is stumped! (warning: NOT for the fainthearted)

The indomitable Mrs. Mills is usually quick off the draw when answering readers' questions. She rarely, if ever misses but she may have met her match this time.

It has long been our custom for my husband and I to carry out recommended health checks every Sunday morning, when we have a lie-in in bed. He gives my breasts a thorough examination, checking for lumps, and I reciprocate in the testicular department. Having recently turned 50, my husband handed me a pot of Vaseline and, bringing his knees up to his chin, announced that his prostate gland should be added to the Sunday-morning routine. This sounds extremely responsible, but I have no idea what a prostate is supposed to feel like. Can you advise?
SW, Barnsley
Mrs. Mills' attempt to research this problem has run into a road block. Her response:

So far, Mr. Mills is being a complete spoilsport, but I’ll be back to you as soon as I find out.

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