Friday, March 17, 2006

The Gropenator runs into the wall

Arnold Schwarzenegger, part time movie star, 0bserver of Soviet tanks and the man who defeated a porn star to become the Republican governor of California, has an ambitious plan which has been described as the most comprehensive rebuilding project in California history. It would require $4.1 billion in borrowing to shore up the state's levees and $19 billion to construct new schools. Such borrowing requires a referendum and Arnie the "hog" meister wanted to place the proposal before California voters in June.

There's only one problem. Those pesky Republicans.

It seems Arnold's plan is a little too, shall we say, liberal for the California Republican-controlled Senate.

Arnie has been working with the (choke) Democrats in the California state assembly in an effort to get his reconstruction plan through the state Senate for the June ballot, but it was not to be.

Now, Arnie may have to go back to shooting up the sound stage. He can probably get the proposal, which was severely pared-back, onto a November ballot, but that will give the Democrats some grief. They aren't all that keen to have something of that nature on a ballot which might give Schwarzenegger enough political advantage to get reelected.

I can hardly wait for his next movie: The Terminated.

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