Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Dog Blogging (including Dick Cheney's dog)

Important things are happening in the dog world. TBogg's basset hound, Beckham, turned green. Oh yeah, he also had surgery... and now he's a gelding!

I'm not sure why Beckham had to be de-nutted. I've owned two basset hounds and the only thing I've noticed is that they hump everything... including pillows. You wouldn't think there'd be much left of value by the time they recognized a female of the species. Anyway...

Perhaps it was this thing from the Boston Globe which tells us that Los Angeles is requiring pit bulls and rottweillers to be spayed and neutered. If they're going after those two breeds, bassets can't be far behind.

And then there's this little bit. I am informed that it is Vice President, Dick Cheney's dog. The one he goes hunting with.

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