Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wow! That was close.

As a career in the merchant marine evolves one has a tendency to spend less time in ships and a greater amount of time in either administration or as an instructor for the next generation of ship's officers.

Mine has gone the latter route. What that means is that I will probably only relieve as a senior officer for short periods during the summer and I probably won't end up doing an Alaska run. Not that I mind, but now, given the ships in which I have served and the companies for which I work, I avoided this by a very slim margin.

D over at LGM will be in Juneau to lighten up their lives, however and I... well, I think a little email to some appropriate contacts might result in some creative napkin folding at dinner. Victor Davis Hanson with a bra on his head comes to mind.

Further: I don't want to wish too much on the other ship's passengers, but a good shit-kicking gale in Dixon Entrance would be a nice touch.

Update: As Boris points out in comments, the link to the speakers list now includes John Bolton. You might want to wear welders glasses when you click the link.

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