Sunday, May 20, 2007

And now, for something different

The crew here at The Galloping Beaver is going swanning. It is, however, not aimless wandering. Dana is conducting in-depth research at the world's most important scotch distilleries; I have a bit of work to get out of the way; Cheryl is joining me whence we will turn the trip into a much needed period of decompression. Hopefully the odd wild Chinook salmon will make an appearance. Laura and Boris are still here, however, they are working on the requirements of higher education which must always stay the first priority.

So, for the next few weeks, Boris and Laura will be joined by three exceptional guest-bloggers. If you don't already know them, (and you should really be checking their blogs), meet:

Alison from Creekside

West End Bound from Moving To Vancouver

The Rev.Paperboy from The Woodshed

Regular readers will already be familiar with the great writing and diverse perspective offered by our three guests. (Geographically, they are located all over the planet).

We'll start crawling back onto the plates sometime towards the end of the month with a renewed sense of qwerty.

So, take it away! And enjoy!

Addendum from Cheryl:

No tax clients were killed during this posting. Ooooh, OK, I maimed one or two. (but they deserved it!). When Dave and I get back from my post-tax season meltdown, I plan on getting back to blogging and justifying my name on the blogroll. Happy May and June to everyone!

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