Sunday, May 06, 2007

A mass murderer is loose among us, thanks in no small part to racism.

Cathie From Canada opens up the portal on the memory hole and puts a nice layer on the bombing of Air India flight 182 and the fiasco that was called an investigation.
Over the years, many things have been blamed for the chaotic, unfocused nature of this whole investigation, from the initial failure to take the warnings seriously, to the antiquated personnel policies of RCMP and Vancouver police which limited recruitment of non-white officers, to inter-service rivalries between the RCMP and CSIS which apparently led to mishanding of evidence and the inability of prosecutors to bring anyone to justice. But underneath it all is a racist taint. The lives of the victims were devalued because they were of East Indian heritage. As a result, irrelevancies and distractions like inter-service rivalries and office politics were allowed to dominate and ultimately derail the investigation.

It's about time someone started to hold up the racism card and point at it. It's been there all along and it needs to be dealt with. Unless someone can offer a more coherent explanation as to why the investigation into this act of terrorism and mass murder was allowed to go sideways for reasons that would never be accepted under other circumstances.

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