Tuesday, May 08, 2007

When we tossed them into the deep end we should have asked if they knew how to swim

I know. I couldn't resist.

Reading this post by Ted, where he illuminates some of the more obvious details of Conservative bumbling:
And this post by Impolitical which simply highlights the amateur performance of the Harperites:
Well, we learn a lot from this little incident. Number one, public betrayals of their anti-media paranoia doesn't look good on these clowns at all. Number two, patronizing lecturing to constituents about the media does not endear you to your constituents. They might go to the Canadian Press. Number three, the assistant's email is a revelation of how Conservative insiders are really viewing the Afghan detainee issue...as an ongoing journalistically-driven nuisance. Rather than as a pressing need to ensure Canada is meeting its international obligations in Afghanistan. I wonder if Buckler can handle all these constitutent emails herself...:)
Just left me thinking that Jim Davis' character Odie is to Garfield what the Conservatives are to government.

Except that Odie is a whole lot more likeable. And he's probably house-broken.

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