Friday, May 04, 2007

Sociopathy and Conservatism

I'm not sure what disturbs me more. That Canada may be implicit in the torture of Afghani prisoners or that there are Canadians who are not troubled by it.

I committed the error of reading some of the comments following the Globe story about QP today and the revelation that at least one specific incident had been reported.

There are some commenters in there who seem positively proud to support the idea that prisoners are tortured after Canadian forces turn them over to the Afghan army. Some sound like they'd participate.

They're all supporters of the Harperites of course.

Which leads me to another line of thought.

What kind of treatment might dissenting Canadian voices expect to receive from these assholes should they ever really have majority powers for an extended period?

There are some that sound like they're crazy-assed enough to be in favour of gulags and torture camps in the north where "lefty scum" can be sent.

I'm sure the situation at BT or SDA is the same if not worse but I won't go read there under any circumstances any more. I don't frequent Anne Coulter or Rush Limbaugh either and for exactly the same reasons.

Given the unbelievably poisonous and insane nature of the web based discourse conducted by Harper supporters it amazes me that sane, rational people are still willing to be identified as fellow travellers.

How do you hold your heads up in public knowing that these sociopaths are your fellow party supporters?

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