Sunday, May 13, 2007

Afghan Patience Wearing Very Thin

Karzai condemns US and Nato tactics.

The upper house of the Afghan parliament decides negotiating with the Taliban is preferable to the slaughter being carried out by US and NATO troops.

The NY Times reports that the civilian death toll is undermining the entire effort.

And buried in the second page of the NYT article is this paragraph (emphasis mine):

"The public mood hardened against foreign forces in the southern city of Kandahar after British troops fired on civilians while driving through the streets after a suicide bombing last year, and Canadian soldiers have repeatedly killed and wounded civilians while on patrol in civilian areas. "

Repeatedly? Civilians? Killed? Repeatedly?

Admittedly it's the NYT even though it's not one of the usual suspects in those pages.

But still...repeatedly killed and wounded civilians?

Would Harper, O'Connor or Hillier give a shit?

Probably not.

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