Saturday, May 12, 2007

National Shocker !!

The following arrived today from a source.

"Reportedly Jason Cherniak was admitted to the bar in Ontario even though he cheated on his Ontario bar exam ".

"I do not have any other information about this, but I will provide updates as I receive them."

Shit or get off the pot, Jason.

You want a little high ground credibility - get it the old fashioned way. Earn it.

This kind of underhanded, innuendo based, made up on the fly shit might be fun for you and the Harperites but it belittles our electoral system and demeans those who read you.

Back it up or back off. Out loud.

A copy of this post, your originating post that contains the rumour and links to both are being forwarded to Liberal HQ with this letter.

"Something needs to be cleared up.

According to
Jason Cherniak, Janine Krieber was recently about to speak to "the troops" but was denied by DND.

Jason reports this as a result of an email whose source he will neither substantiate nor reveal.

I have asked him repeatedly over the past 24 hours for some kind of substantiation and have received none.

If this indeed happened it would be a very serious development and would indicate a mind-set in DND similar to the mind-set that resulted in the outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson in the US. It would require Parliamentary examination under a sharply lit, tightly focused light.

However - if it is a partisan fabrication of Jason's it would be equally serious as a breach of political ethics on the part of a young Ontario lawyer. Which, while, admittedly probably being not all that rare would in this instance reflect very badly, especially among the blog community, on the Liberal Party of Canada.

Hard, Fast, Inviolate Rule Number One: Spouses, or other family members, of politicians, or other citizens, resident or visiting, in Canada (or in any other civilized country), should never be used as or allowed to become, public political proxies for their mates.

Full stop! Finis! No qualifications.

If Jason is inventing narratives involving Ms. Krieber, or in commoner parlance, making up shit about her, he is violating Hard, Fast, Inviolate Rule Number One (HFIRNO).

Equally, if DND is attempting to wreak vengeance on Mr. Dion by juvenalia of this nature they too are in violation of HFIRNO.

I repeat that I consider the allegation a threat to the country if true. But no one knows if its true.

The question is not the seriousness of the issue but rather the veracity of the source.

I will take the absence of a reply to this email as a tacit repudiation of the allegation.

I will observe your response to Jason.

Depending on what I observe I will re-evaluate the Liberal Party of Canada.

Last year I quit the NDP as a result of their choice to support Harper's dissolution.

This year...?

Got any integrity lying around you're not using?"

My name, postal code and phone number followed, which will not be included here.

Will it Jason?

We'll see.

Update on Monday, May 14th.

I received an email from the LPC today that said the following:

"Thank you for your email. Mr. Cherniak appears to be correct but we are looking into the matter further. "

I withdraw my criticism of Jason and await more.

This makes me very nervous for us if DND is getting into partisan politics in this manner. Very nervous.

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