Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Without a draft, what's a chickenhawk to do?

Oh good. A military camp for kids, run by none other than that great American icon of truth, duty and honor, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Ret'd.).

This is, well, a little on the unbelievable scale. The Freedom Alliance (small print) Military Leadership Academy (big letters) is completely safe, looks like a lot of fun and is... unbelievably short. Luckily they sent out additional ads to promote this idea.
LtCol Oliver L. North, USMC (Ret.) and Freedom Alliance are seeking high school students for our 2007 summer Military Leadership Academy (MLA) -- a unique and exciting opportunity to LIVE, EAT and TRAIN with our U.S. military personnel at some of the pre-eminent U.S. military bases
Wow! That sounds like a real summer of gettin' it done with Ollie.
The week-long Military Leadership Academy is an awesome adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for motivated and determined high school students, ages 15-18, who want to gain practical leadership skills - and have fun learning from real-life American heroes.
A week? And considering all the cool tours that are lined up it looks like, well, a little less strenuous than a boy scout jamboree. A week?!

Formal military leadership training is measured in months. What the hell can you cover in a week? (Actually, one of the two events is only five days.)
The MLA provides young Americans with a taste of military life and teaches them leadership principles, along with the core values of Selfless Service, Teamwork, Courage, Integrity, Dependability, Responsibility and Respect to help them become positive, productive citizens.
In a week.
Academy graduates are highly motivated, physically fit and goal oriented. Many have pursued careers in the military and as DOD civilians, such as the Navy Criminal Investigative Service, while others go to college or directly to the workforce.
Graduates?! Right. And some (wait for it) go into politics. With Military Leadership Training appended to their resume.

Glad to see Oliver North hasn't changed. Still trying to run a scam. This time it's a diploma mill for chicken-hawks.

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