Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How to kill a country. By the Fraser Institute.

If you haven't visited Creekside today, now is a good time to go. Alison pulls some priceless quotes from this piece of shit, produced by none other than former Ontario premier Mike Harris, and Reform Party founder Preston Manning.

Sponsored by the Fraser Institute, Harris and Manning have written volume five of the series Canada Strong and Free. This volume is entitled International Leadership By A Canada Strong And Free.

It's where Bush's sock puppet in Ottawa is getting his visions of Canada as a superpower from and it's utter garbage.

What these two clowns suggest is dumping our international relationship with Europe in favour of becoming a part of Fortress North America, economically and exclusively dependent on the United States, militarily integrated to such a degree that our foreign policy would be indistinguishable from that of the US and the elimination of an independent global trading policy in favour of a common customs union, the likes of which would depend on handing over Canadian sovereignty in its entirety to the 800 pound gorilla residing to the south of us.

Harris and Manning have produced a document which is the formula for one thing: Making Canada the fifty-first state of the US.

Really, most paper like that produced by Harris and Manning comes rolled on a cardboard tube, wrapped in cheap plastic and finds itself disposed of down the drains of a sewer system.

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