Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something Doesn't Smell Right About This . . . .

From today's Vancouver Sun Letters to the Editor:

Too many owners treat their pets like children

I loved Marilyn Baker’s commentary. My guests, babysitters and children are always stepping on dog poop on the boulevard on Angus Drive. It isn’t a few dog owners who don’t get it, it is the majority. I can’t step into my alley without a neighbour’s off- leash dog running up to me. I can’t let my rabbits run around the front yard on a nice day because someone’s dog will bolt through the hedge to kill them.

People are treating their pets as children. They take them everywhere — even places I don’t take my kids. I believe it is a phenomenon associated with close living. People subconsciously feel they can expand their personal space in public areas if they have a dog with them because people will give them more room. The pet owner then gains more control and power.

For example, when I bent over to try on shoes in Freedman Shoes a few months back, I felt something sniffing my butt. I knew immediately that it wasn’t human.

Dogs are not children and don’t have the same rights. Dogs don’t need to go shoe shopping, clothing shopping or antique shopping. We don’t allow children to jump up, smell or lick passersby. If dog owners start to realize not everyone wants their dog around, like parents realize not everyone wants their children around, people will be more tolerant.


As "drf" noted: "Poor, poor, Penny" . . . .

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