Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Are Americans ready for a national ban on ferrets?

The thing I like about reading James Wolcott is that I always seem to learn something completely new about the world. That coupled with the fact that he effortlessly irritates the shit out of untold numbers of right-wingers makes his writing all that more inviting. His latest is no exception.

Admittedly I know next to nothing about New York City politics. I never have. When Rudy Guiliani was mayor of New York he had little effect on anything that affected me. My myopic view of the world did not include New York unless I had a cargo consigned to that city and often that meant going to, well, New Jersey.

It wasn't until September 11th, 2001 that Rudy Guiliani actually made enough of an appearance outside the confines of his precincts that I took any notice.

At that time, I would not have known he had a fanatic hatred for ferrets.

As Guiliani makes his bid for the US presidency Wolcott sheds a little light on what may be the worst choice of candidate the Republicans have to offer.
I have never understood Giuliani's fatwa against ferrets and the human beings who are devoted to them. I am fond of ferrets, though I have never owned nor even petted one. But there is something about their avid features that makes me think they would have been a natural fit for me and my apartment lifestyle back in bachelor days.
Fatwa against ferrets? Wolcott links to Michael Wolff who pulls out the stops on Guiliani and it's worth reading every delicious word.

Rudy Guiliani is nuts. He is completely off-center, self-possessed and has never done anything significantly progressive. His moment of national highlight came after two airliners controlled by other fanatics laid waste to his city and killed a good chunk of his fellow citizens. On this act, one which he did not control, he is laying the foundation for his campaign, including suggesting insisting that the only way to prevent further terrorist acts is to elect him.

So, based on that last paragraph, and the fanaticism with which Guiliani pursues even minor issues, like a ban on ferrets in New York City, you could assume that he doesn't stand a chance of being elected to the oval office.

Now, look at what is president of the United States at this time, and look at what he did to get there.

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