Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Taking the "boring" out of murder

That didn't take long. The explosion at the Luxor in Las Vegas wasn't more than a few hours old and two of wankerville's finest couldn't help but run a mimeographed it MIGHT be terrorism post, although Schlussel goes for the inside knowledge card as well.

TBogg found one yokel playing with his Dick Tracy wrist-radio trying to impress us all with a direct request to the ATF Arson and Explosives Division asking what kind of trigger they have recovered. He's still waiting for an answer... and waiting... and waiting.

And while they all go creamy hoping to hear a name they can't pronounce, here's a bit of information.
A homemade bomb left on the top of a car in a casino parking garage exploded early Monday, killing a man who tried to pick it up, authorities said.

The blast shortly after 4 a.m. left a 12-inch hole in the man's car on the second floor of the garage behind the Luxor hotel-casino, authorities said. A woman who left the hotel-casino with the man was standing nearby but escaped injury.

The man, who had just finished his shift at a hot dog stand inside the casino, was considered to be the target, though police don't know why.

``This appears to have been a small device that was constructed in such a way to target a single individual victim,'' Deputy Police Chief Ted Moody said.

Maybe he wasn't serving "all-beef" hot dogs.

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