Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Former UK Defence Secretary points his finger at Cheney.

British Secretary of Defence, Geoff Hoon, gave a shattering interview to the Guardian today. He didn't hold back and told us what we may have suspected all along. We've always suggested that the Sultan of Evil, Dick Cheney, was running the show when it came to Iraq, and Hoon confirmed it.
In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Geoff Hoon reveals that Britain disagreed with the US administration over two key decisions in May 2003, two months after the invasion - to disband Iraq's army and "de-Ba'athify" its civil service. Mr Hoon also said he and other senior ministers completely underestimated the role and influence of the vice-president, Dick Cheney. "Sometimes ... Tony had made his point with the president, and I'd made my point with Don [Rumsfeld] and Jack [Straw] had made his point with Colin [Powell] and the decision actually came out of a completely different place. And you think: what did we miss? I think we missed Cheney.

The man has perhaps the most desirable position of power in the entire Bush administration. With an idiot in the Oval Office, his best buddy in the Defense Department, an obedient Secretary of State and a position in government which is commonly overlooked by both the media and the public, Cheney was in a perfect position to issue commands and make decisions. Nobody pays attention to the Vice-President and, in the case of Cheney, he didn't pay attention to anybody else.

Iraq is Cheney's war, pure and simple. He could whisper in the idiot's ear, "You are the 'Decider'", and the idiot would stand and squawk, "Ah'm the Decider, see!"

Cheney must have laughed his ass off when he heard Crawford's absent village idiot utter those words.

Read the rest of Hoon's interview. It's amazing.

Update: Apparently Cheney has been whispering in the idiot's ear again.

(Thanks to How This Old Brit Sees It)

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