Thursday, February 23, 2006

US Port Issue - CANADIAN Port Issue.

Thanks to sharp commenter Cee for this. Anyone who is watching the US shyte-storm over port terminal operations and the purchase by Dubai Ports World of P&O Steam Navigation need not look too much harder, nor should anyone get too smug about it being a purely American issue.

The British Columbia, Port of Vancouver's container and general cargo terminal, Centerm, formerly operated by P&O, has been taken over by state-owned Dubai Ports World after P&O sold their operations to DPW. (Confirmed by email)

There's more. P&O has a stevedoring concession for 17 ports on the Canadian west coast from Stewart to Victoria. Those too will now change hands and become a part of DPW.

So, do we start ragging on Harper for selling out the 2nd busiest port in North America to the UAE? Or is that secret little Canadian Forces base in Dubai too important to ruffle the feathers of the Emirates? Or, is it even an issue?

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