Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ezra Levant - My dollar is worth more than your life, soldier

Apparently there are a few things Ezra Levant still can't fathom. After publishing cartoons he knew would create a problem, in his response to criticism from the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Defence and a few choice words drifting out of some boots-on-the-ground in Afghanistan, Levant was not only defiant, he was unbelievably stupid. From the Toronto Star:

"In Canada we have freedoms, and our soldiers' and diplomats' job is to protect those freedoms at home and expand those freedoms abroad," Levant said Tuesday.
"I think most of the soldiers get it."
Really? Just how is it Mr. Levant comes to understand so much about the mindset of any member of the Canadian Forces? How long and in what units did Mr. Levant serve? With freedom comes responsibility - Levant should try assuming some.

"So when Gordon O'Connor or others say we've got to clamp down on freedom in Canada so our soldiers and diplomats have an easier go of it, I don't think that's what soldiers and diplomats are for."
Actually, Gordon O'Connor pointed out that stunts like Mr. Levant's served no useful purpose but DO put troops at risk. When tensions are high and our troops are in a hazardous duty area, they don't need some wank printing ANYTHING which might increase the probability of risk. In any case, I don't know too many rationally thinking people who would suggest that Levant's exercise was about anything except attracting attention to his publication.

Levant said terrorists in foreign countries should not be allowed to hold Canadian domestic freedoms hostage.

"If a terrorist is going to attack our troops in Afghanistan, he's going to do it whether . . . he has some fig leaf of an excuse or not. Cartoons don't kill people; terrorists kill people."
Shorter Levant: As long as I'm OK, I don't give a shit about them.

Guess what Mr. Levant, they feel the same way about you. Don't get hit by a bus, Ezra. They're not in the fight for the likes of you and they won't care.

The Western Standard website is announcing that many retailers are "declining" to stock the current issue of Levant's rag. They seem to have lots of other sources for toilet paper. With any luck at all the WS will go bankrupt and we'll be rid of another useless waste of good pulpwood.

Update: This viewpoint from a serving member of the army is definitely worth reading (Hat tip to Boris in "comments")

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