Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney - The Story That Just keeps On Giving

So, Cheney went public today to explain (cough!) his action of the afternoon of 11 February 2006. The great hunter and his coterie of bush-beaters, gun-bearers, sycophants, secret service and a medical support unit that would make Ethiopia weep with joy, ran into a problem when the Vice President shot a 78 year old man in the upper body and face. Unfortunately, the only things missing were a media relations team and a breathilyser operator. (Doesn't matter. Eyewitness reports state the hunting party had no beer, some beer, one beer, wiped out the Lone Star brewery or had cocktails to celebrate afterwards.)

Jane has done a great job of following the details as they flop out on the table and has pointed out some serious stuff. Crooks & Liars has nabbed a few moments with Jack Cafferty who gives Fox News a new handle.

Oh yeah. Just so we're all clear on this, Cheney didn't hold a news conference. He didn't even appear before reporters. He ran right into the loving arms of Brit Hume. Yup, he went to Fox where the balls are pitched slow and the milk in the green room is warmed. It's wimp heaven. No pressure. Or as Jack Cafferty says:

I would guess it didn't exactly represent a profile in courage for the vice president to wander over there to the F-word network for a sit down with Brit Hume. I mean, that's a little like Bonnie interviewing Clyde, ain't it? I mean, where was the news conference? Where was the -- where was the access to all of the members of the media? I don't know. You know? Whatever.
Pandagon has a great link from Jeff Fecke, which exposes a truth about the Bushco myth, and then goes on to highlight the whining drivel the 101st Keyboardists have managed to produce in an effort to blame the victim of Cheney's negligent handling of a firearm. (I guess with a heart condition he probably didn't do what I used to do after a firefight. Glad to be alive, I used to shorten my life a little with 3 cigarettes in quick succession. Nah... he's a scotch man.)

This comes from Eric Alterman's Altercation: (Hat tip to Dana in comments)

It seems Halliburton got the contract to remove the lead from Harry Whittington’s face.

So, Harry Whittington got some flowers today from the vice president’s office, and that was a nice gesture. But still, there was something a little odd about it, because apparently, the card said, “Please speak into the third daisy from the left.”

I guess the army knew what it was doing when they gave him those five deferments

And this, from Petey: New Republican slogan: "The buckshot stops here."
Stay tuned. This isn't going away fast.

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