Monday, February 06, 2006

US Personal Information Goes North

If you have Prudential health and medical insurance, you might want to read this. Some medical service providers in the US have been misdialing Prudential's toll-free fax number. Instead of faxing documents to the insurance company they have been sent to North Regent Rx, an herbal remedy distribution company in Manitoba.

"I know how much these people make, I know what their social security number is, I know where they live," North Regent Rx spokesman Jody Baxmeyer told The Canadian Press.

"Almost everything a person needs for identity theft is actually faxed to us on a daily basis."

Far from using the information for any illicit purposes, Ms. Baxmeyer says his company has been trying to stop the faxes from coming in, but has been unable to reach an agreement with Prudential Financial, the U.S.-based company that is the intended recipient.

Employees at many doctors' offices have dialled the wrong number, sending the information to North Regent Rx.

Prudential says it's trying to address the situation.
Except that Prudential isn't accepting the obvious solution.

Baxmeyer said North Regent Rx has approached Prudential about selling the fax number, but the insurance firm has not yet agreed.
In the meantime, private medical and financial information keeps landing on the wrong desk.

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