Friday, February 10, 2006

Garth Turner for Speaker?

Honestly, I hadn't really thought of it, but BCer in Toronto raises an interesting idea. What if the Conservative backbenchers decided to express their disgust for the shenanigans of Harper and his dilettantes by moving Garth Turner to the Speaker's chair. As he points out, the Liberals and NDP could do it. It is a secret ballot and it would serve to shove right back in Harper's face the same thing he's been trying to get the entire country to swallow. (Sorry, Harper, old boy, that's a part of the cow that I won't eat.)

As good an idea as that sounds, I would have certain misgivings. I didn't like Garth Turner when he was last in government and I haven't warmed up to him now, despite his his current stand. Although.... Speaker.... yeah, maybe.

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