Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some Bushies Sure Are Funny (If they weren't so scary)

First it was the Grand Canyon, then it was the efforts of the same creationists to shove their junk "science" down the throats of public school science teachers.

Then comes the attempt by the jeebus freaks to push their agenda on an American institution which survives on a combination of pure science and engineering; NASA. Further, it is being pushed by a 24 year old Bush appointee who has no scientific training, no engineering qualifications and no experience whatsoever in astrophysics. This punk is trying to tell real people how to interpret their own research. His only qualification for holding his all powerful job - he worked on the 2004 Bush/Cheney campaign.

If this was an effort to secure votes it might appear to be slightly funny. But, as Laura points out, there is little political traction to be gained from this which raises the terrifying prospect that these people actually believe what they're saying.

Perhaps the the groups that promote their superstition as science should take a look at what happened in the Grand Canyon. Apparently the BS the creationists were peddling wasn't deep enough to convince enough people to take the ride. The proprieters of the prima creationist tour have closed shop and moved on - probably to sell pieces of the true cross in Nevada.

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