Monday, February 06, 2006

Hollywood 'Roo gets a lip job

Apparently the beautiful people have nothing on the beautiful beasts. Feznick, a kangaroo who is working his way onto the big screen, was attacked by a wolf at a Hollywood animal farm. His snout was pretty torn up and required plastic surgery to return his profile to... good looking 'roo form. (I don't know about this. I was almost run down by a kangaroo several years ago in Australia.)

The 34-kilogram kangaroo underwent plastic surgery on Sunday and veterinarians say the marsupial will soon be ready to resume his acting career. Last year, Feznick stuck his snout under a fence at a farm for Hollywood animals and was bitten by a wolf, leaving the four-year-old kangaroo with a toothy, Billy Idol-style sneer, veterinarian Scott Amsel told the Ventura County Star daily.

Surgery on Sunday turned Feznick's snout back into a fuzzy, made-for-TV, face, the paper reported.

Feznick is an aspiring actor who often appears at corporate events and was on the red carpet for the opening of last year's movie Kangaroo Jack, his owner Eadie McMullan told the Star.

Westlake Village plastic surgeon Dr. Theodore Corwin performed the two-hour lip surgery, the first time he's ever worked on an animal. He didn't charge for Feznick's lip repair.

"It looks like people surgery in a way, except the patient is a little hairier," Corwin surgical nurse Jeanine Rich was quoted by the paper as saying.
Methinks Feznick should be demanding a stunt double.

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