Friday, February 10, 2006

More Proof of Global Warming

Dear George and Stephen,

This study from the University of East Anglia finds that the Northern Hemispere is experiencing its warmest conditions in 1200 years.

“Our results show that, during the late 20th century, warming affected the entire northern hemisphere and that at no point in the past 1,000 years has the northern hemisphere experienced the same widespread warming,” said Dr Timothy Osborn, one of the two researchers involved in the study.
This is not good.

Under the study, Osborn and his colleague Keith Briffa studied 'proxy climate records' like rings around trees, fossils and ice cores in 14 regions from the world over.
But nothing older than 6000 years, so this should fit in with your god thing.

“The key conclusion was that the 20th century stands out as having unusually widespread warmth, compared to all of the natural warming and cooling episodes during the past 1,200 years,” Osborn said.
Hmmm. Have either of you noticed a difference in the temperature in Washington or Ottawa?

Mann added that the study reinforces that global warming is a reality and very much happening. “This latest paper might be the nail in the coffin for the small minority of very vocal climate change denialists who continue to challenge the conclusion that the recent warming of the Earth's surface is out of the ordinary,” he said.
Maybe this is just junk science.

The findings of the study have been published in the journal Science.

Nope. It's real alright. Maybe these guys are actually smarter than you two.

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