Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ten from the top

Laura from LWC passed this meme along (and gave us the option of turning it down). In the interest of keeping our corner blogosphere alive for one more day, here goes!

Ten Views I Hold without Evidence (“We” actually, but each individually):

1. (Cheryl) That eating bread crusts will cause hair to grow on your chest.

2. (Dave) That all-season tires are really only good in an environment that does not experience a real winter. That, and given the difference in price and variety available, some all-season tires are probably only good in places where the difference between seasons can be described as summer and three months of bad tanning weather.

3. (Cheryl) That extra-terrestrial life exists. Somewhere in the cosmos there is a being who is putting together a 2 hour special and one of the theoretical cosmic characters looks like Carl Sagan.

4. (Dave) That there is a direct relationship between the number of square feet I vacuum and the amount of sex I get. (Just turning the machine on doesn’t work. It actually has to move.)

5. (Dave) That cats are not really a domestic animal. Given an opportunity they would take over the world and just wait to be pampered, fed and entertained by humans. I know what you’re thinking. That makes me right.

6. (Cheryl) That if a recipe calls for one tablespoon of cognac it was a misprint. The author really meant five tablespoons.

7. (Dave) That there is no point in using a hand tool when there is a perfectly good power tool to accomplish the job. If I don’t own one, I will someday and the job can wait until then.

8. (Dave) That education has the power to end poverty provided that securing an education doesn’t create an entire generation of impoverished students.

9. (Dave) That there really are alternatives to extracting non-renewable resources to make our lives comfortable and that the answer is now within our grasp. Of course, whatever we do will create a whole new set of problems, but they won’t be ours.

10. (Cheryl) That everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten: Hold hands when crossing the street, share your toys and don’t pee in the sandbox.

Done! I will pass this on to Scotian if and when the challenge is accepted.

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